Hsv 2

Breanna • Just a girl trynna live one day at a time.

I just got diagnosed with herpes on the 18th and I’m struggling so hard with this.

I get it, it was my choice but I had NO idea this guy had it and he passed it on to me and when I called to tell him about it and he needs to get checked all he said was “okay” so I have a small feeling he knew.

I just feel so disgusting and unworthy of love. I know it gets easier because the first out break is the worst but just the fact I have to tell someone I want to be serious with “I have herpes” scares the living shit out of me, I dunno if anyone can relate but right now I just wanna crawl into a hole and die. It doesn’t really help that my immune system is being critically compromised and I have sores down there, I’m having an outbreak on my bottom lip and I’m having an episode of hives.

I’m sorry for ranting. No one probably cares but I had to say something to raise awareness and try to end the stigma by talking about it.

Hope everyone has a goodnight