boyfriend issues.


i know this category isnt for what im going to talk about but its a popular one and i just need to talk to a bunch of people for advice. my boyfriend moved 12 hours away and i was sad but im kind of over it, it was his only option but ever since hes moved, each passing day he talks less and less to me. i get at this moment i am not his first priority but im no where near the top. im probably the last thing he thinks about. so his schedule is work from 12-6 with a 30 minute break. he talks to me in the morning then on his break and as soon as he gets off for like a minute. then i barely hear from him. maybe once every three hours. he says he was organizing his room with his roommate or he was cooking dinner at 9 at night. i believe every word he says. i dont think he'd lie. anyway, that stuff doesn't take much. i feel like he just doesnt want to talk to me at all. like he does nothing but small things for a little bit. i was joking around yesterday and texted "hey!!" when he hadnt texted for 30 minutes. he flipped. he sent me like four paragraphs on how his life is hectic and all of this shit. my life isnt glam either. i dont mention it to him because he makes it all better. we used to talk hours every night and now im lucky if i get a two minute phone call.