He's never here

my husband works 60 plus hours a week. he is gone almost all day Mon-Fri and once hes home he showers, eats, then goes to bed.

In his free time he likes to go to the bar and drink. He spent over $100 last week in one night at the bar ALONE. We just had our baby girl on the 16th amd I've been alone. I take care of her all day and all night. Its Friday night and he asked if he could go to the bar for an hour and promised he'd be back. I said no, I miss him and wantes him home. He started pouting so I finally agreed and he didn't come home for almost 4 hours. Its now almost 4am and I'm here taking care of baby girl while he sleeps next to me. I asked him if hed take her because he said on the weekends he will help at night and he will not wake up. I finally got him awake and started crying because I'm so exhausted and it took me almost half an hour to wake him.

He told me to cut it out and to stop acting like I'm dying.

I cant handle this much longer...I expect my husband to want to be home with his family. I want his help taking care of our newborn. Instead I feel alone, worthless, and unloved. He literally rolled back over and went to sleep after he finally woke up. I tried telling him how I feel and he just ignored me...

I'm thinking its time to consider separating. I'm miserable and unhappy. there is so much more than just this...what should I do?