Nne • Expecting my Angel Sept 2015, Can`t thank God Enough😃😃
Hey ladies :) I'm 21 weeks 5days gone, my cervix started shortening at 17 weeks so they put in a cerclage, I have been 1cm dilated since 14weeks. They put in the cerclage at on the 17th of April at 19weeks and at that time my cervix was measuring 1cm. I went for my follow up appointment today, and my cervix was still 1cm dilated and 1cm short, there was no significant change, but I was disappointed when the Dr said 'I won't be surprised if you loose this pregnancy', I feel he shouldn't have said that to me, if my cervix didn't shorten any further and I have been 1cm dilated for over 7 weeks, why sound so negative. I just told him I serve a living God, and by his grace, I won't loose my baby, I'll carry my baby to term. Anyone like me and later carried their baby to term? I'm also on the 17p shots, I get them quickly. I'm super positive about this pregnancy, I have had a loss at 17weeks last year. So I'll definitely not loose this one, because I know I'm serving a wonderful God!