HCG going up after period?


So this past week I had what I thought was a chemical pregnancy. AF was expected 10/23, and showed up 10/24. I was testing positive all throughout and even before very faintly. The bleeding has now stopped, however, my tests are getting darker and darker. Went in for blood work the day after I started bleeding and they said my hcg was very low. Going in for blood work tomorrow morning to see if my levels have changed. I still feel very pregnant! My symptoms did not go away.

UPDATE: went to the doctor for second blood test today.

Results came back from first blood test: hcg was very low in the 20’s, and progesterone was NEGATIVE. most likely a chemical pregnancy according to the nurse. However, I tested this morning and line is really dark. I have no pain or discomfort and bleeding has stopped. Why are my levels still so strong? They’re stronger now than before the bleeding started.