My Mom coded & My Family Kept It From Me

S. Nich

My mother coded for 5 minutes during a routine pacemaker replacement surgery. No one told me. My father, brother, & aunt all knew. I am 30 weeks pregnant and on bedrest. The night before I told my mother how much I love her. The day after the surgery I called my father to talk to my mom and he told me that she was still resting coming out of the medication from the surgery. 😒the day after that I called again and he told me he was not at the hospital so I asked for a room information stuff like that and he said he would call me when he got to the hospital, no call 😒 third day I gathered all the strength I had and went to the hospital I found out that my mother was in critical care and that things went wrong during the surgery I've never seen my mom in that state drugged-up plugged up to everything. this is where I found out everything that happened to her and the fact that nobody told me when it happened made me feel so betrayed. All my mom kept saying was "Nichole please don't be upset." With the tiny strength she had, it broke my ❤. all I could do was thank God she was still here. And when I left the hospital I lost it. I used my words to kick ass I just could not believe no one told me when it happened. What would you have done?