Freaking Hypocrit!!!!😠

I girl I know just posted on Facebook "People need to stop having kids that they can't support". I want to deck her in the damn face! Because she is effing one of them that has a child they can't support!! She isn't working, they try to get all the assistance that they can, her husband isn't trying to get a better job. They just bought a house and a new truck and do shit that cost money all the time, yet complain about everything they can't afford and just bought a new dog to breed to their other one to sell the puppies for money!! Oh I want to bitch slap her so hard!!! Stay out if others lives and focus on your own before you say anything about anyone else's!!

And yes I know what she is buying because she likes to brag and post her whole life on Facebook and we use to be really good friends. She has no right to say people should stop doing anything when she is no better off.

And you know what, I don't give a shit whether I'm being a hypocrit or not too. I can rant about her all I want if she gets to rant about others. don't like my post, move on! I'm sick of others thinking they are better than anyone else! So bye bye!