going crazy waiting and a bad doctor ☹


I went in at 18 weeks to find out gender, we are having a BOY 😁😁 3 days later we had an anatomy scan and the doctor (real a$$hole btw) told us he sees a tiny bright spot in my boys heart which can sometimes indicate down syndrome in a child. My heart dropped. of course let's be real clear I will absolutely love my baby no matter what. but who wants to hear there may be a complication with your baby? he doesn't have any other signs of down syndrome and he said the spot could just disappear. Well I left there in tears this doctor had everything twisted in my head and gave me no time to process anything he was saying. I got home and called my prenatal doctor and she send me for a NIPT test. waiting for the results are killing me. My baby boy will always be my world but the not knowing is killing me.