Pushover boyfriend!

Erin • 22. Aus 🇦🇺 TTC for our rainbow baby 🌈

So my partner has a 4 year old son who he has every fortnight.

It’s my partners birthday today & we had arranged with his ex to pick the little man up at 9.30.

Get a message this morning saying we can’t come till later.

I said no because we have plans and she was giving plenty of time to organise things.

But my partner is such a push over and won’t stand up to her!!!

She treats him like he’s not a father. She is forever changing plans on us & it’s really kissed me off today because she was giving notice.

What would you all do in this situation?! I feel like I’m going insane because she needs to be put in her place!

So over it 👎🏼