Don’t know what to do!

So my husband and I have been together since high school and got married June 2016. We have our first baby due in December. Recently he has started having sex dreams about a girl we went to high school with. This girl and her family are friends of his family and my husband keeps in touch with them on a regular basis. He has been going to her house to help her work on a project for her work and been spending some time with her lately. The first time the sex dreams happened, he was moaning her name in his sleep. We talked about it the next morning and he was so embarrassed and apologetic. He has been honest about it happening a couple more times since then and told me he had them often in high school. I knew he liked this girl in high school and even throughout college but it is starting to really get to me hearing my husband have sex with another girl in his dreams. I am just hoping for some advice or insight from other people that may help.

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Thank you all for your insight and comments!

I haven’t cared that he’s been helping her with the project until these dreams have started happening. I know he’s not cheating on me and I trust he would be honest with me If he did want to leave me but he swears there is nothing actually going on. I am not mad at him because I know he can’t control it. And I know my insecure pregnant hormones just aren’t helping the situation either. It’s just hard to hear on my end.