Both my boys were premature - 32 and 35 weeks. 
​Both were taken straight from me at birth due to needing immediate NICU treatment, my first spent 6 weeks on NICU my second 3 weeks. 
​My problem is I feel like I've missed out. I love my boys more than anything and wouldn't change them for the world. But I feel I failed my children which meant they had to go through NICU, which I know they neded but it wasn't nice seeing your babies hooked up to so many machines and having so many tubes coming out of them. 
​I never got skin on skin with them, I never got any of the 'first time mum' feelings. 
​Does any other preemie mums feel like this? I just feel horrible for feeling like this, especially when I see people out with tiny babies and I can't even stand to look at them because I get so upset. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like this!! 
​Sorry for the long post x