I need advice on a work matter plz

I understand if this gets flagged or deleted but just in case it doesn't I really need some advice. This man just got hired at my job and has been here a few weeks. They don't do background checks here so I don't think there's much that can be done if it is brought to managements attention. I'm under the impression they do not know but could be wrong. Anyway, last night what really pushed my buttons was that this man asked me what all our manager can see on the cameras because he's been watching porn on his cell phone (he works 3rd shit and I work 2nd) so it's not like we've ever actually had to work TOGETHER. Why did he need to ask about what they can see on cameras though and why did he need to tell me he watches porn? Besides this he's not ever been friendly..but now I'm worried. It just makes me very uncomfortable. I usually am not ajudgemental  person especially of incidents that have happened in someone's past. However this is semi recent. I'm worried if I bring it up to management that he will somehow find out it was me or management will think I'm a tattle tale or whatever. Can someone please give me suggestions on what I should do? :(