I am so emotional

Cynthia • 20, engaged and ttc.
Only barely 5 weeks. Had a miscarriage early March. Went yard saling today because of course it's that time of the year. Found a crib for a great price so I bought it. I wanted to go look around at crib mattresses to see the difference and price check them. My fiance tells me no he won't go with me. He doesn't understand why I've bought anything because I could lose this baby also. Well I automatically just started balling my eyes out. Mostly because he never wants to do anything with me but partly because I feel good about this pregnancy and I'm already scared enough of another miscarriage. Didn't need his stupid input. Then he tells me his mom will go with me. No. I don't wanna go with your mom . I really wanna go with my mom but she's at work so you're my other option. Feel like crap and now I feel like he doesn't think my pregnancy is going to last and I shouldn't ever buy anything . I'm already so attached to this baby and have already made it past the point where I miscarried in march. Which makes me feel a little bit better. I just needed to vent.