Aisha β€’ Mommy of a beautiful baby girl!πŸ’ž
According to my last period I should be 6 weeks. Yesterday(Saturday), I started cramping and bleeding heavy and some clots came out. I went to the ER immediately, the tested my hCg levels and they only came back at 27. A week ago (Monday) my levels were at 24. They've gone up but not by much. I'm going to get more blood work done tomorrow (Monday). I'm hoping and praying my levels have gone up but preparing myself for the worst. I went and got ultrasounds done yesterday and there was nothing in my tubes and nothing wrong with my ovaries. The technician said I may not be as far as we thought. That a 27 is only about a week along.. I'm really hoping that's where I'm at with this!πŸ˜” let me know what you ladies think!

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