Possibly pregnant?? Please help!!!

So I had sex for the first time on the 21st and again on the 24th and we used a confom both times but the second time I blew him before and of course there was precum and I tasted it and then we put the condom on, there might've been cum on mine or his hands but probably not his but he put the lube in me after that but I really didn't think he had any cum on him. And (tmi) but when I was blowing him im pretty I got all the cum off and since my mouth was on the tip and my hand was on the bottom I don't even think I got any cum on my hands? Im suppose to get my period either today or tomorrow but you don't think there's a chance I could be pregnant right? He did not cum while we were having sex and the condom didn't break or anything. We were in the car and it was in the dark so I could see barely anything that's why I'm more kinda worried. Also the second I got home (like 15/25 minutes after we had sex) i showered and clean everything, also I am on the pill.  Please help!!