I feel bad saying it out loud, but....

Some people just shouldn't be able to have kids.
So my hubby and I have been trying seriously to get pregnant for 6 months (which I know isn't really that long, but it sure feels like it). We own our home, have good jobs, financially stable, and are ready to expand our family.
Today I find out my friends sister is pregnant. She and her girlfriend just randomly decided that they want a baby, so she found some guy to sleep with - one time, boom pregnant. 
Seriously????? I couldn't tell you the number of times my husband and I have had unprotected sex in the hopes of getting pregnant. 
I forgot to mention that this girl and her girlfriend- neither of them have jobs, yet somehow always have money for weed and booze. They mooch off of their families, friends, and the government. How do people like this expect to give a child a good life and raise them to become good citizens if that's the kind of example they are?!
It feels good to vent and get that out. When my husband told me about her today I almost broke down and cried. This TTC business can be really hard sometimes.