Precum and pulling out.

My husband and I are getting closer and more open to having babies, but we are not trying yet. We have used condoms all of our relationship until recently we started unprotected sex. It feels better, we are married now. Why not? I know he is still unconfirtable with having babies but he did tell me a few weeks ago that he was getting warmer to have a baby but still does not really like to talk about it. So we have been having sex and instead of using condoms he pulls out. I told him that I don't mind if he goes in me but he said he will once he's ready. We have.had many conversations about getting pregnant without wearing condoms and I told him wr need to really be ready if we aren't going to use them.

Who has ever got pregnant by this method? I would like to get pregnant but not by suprise. What we are doing is really risky, I know.