Anyone experienced pcos?

I was diagnosed with it a few days ago. 2 years ago my period did the same thing except it came on but I wasn't bleeding regularly. Now I haven't had a cycle since febuary. I thought I was pregnant because the day of my expected period in February I only cramped. I haven't seen my cycle since January. in 2012 an internal ultrasound showed I had cysts on both of my ovaries but the doctor said it should go away but now the doctors think it did the opposite. Now what has me thinking is weight loss. I was just big and bloated just last month looking as if I was a month pregnant but gained 18 pounds in just that month but my appetite was increasing during that time now my appetite has changed again and now I'm not hungry like I use to be and I get full fast.  im beginning to see weight loss and the bloating dissappearing. could this be related to pcos? I also just found out last week that I have gallstones. Can this be related to pcos? Have any of you experienced this?