Healthy Baby, Small Sac?😥

Gracee • 11/16/17👼🏻 🌈Rainbow baby girl born 12/28/2018🎀

Had my first ultrasound today, baby measured 7w1day with a perfect heartbeat at 143bpm❤️ I was so relieved when we got that good news! Then a few hours later the nurse that looked at the ultrasound called me and told me that although the baby looked good the sac was only measuring at 5w1day (or around that) and told me that this would highly increase my chances for a miscarriage and that I’d have a repeat ultrasound next week as well as seeing a specialist😪 to me the sac looks normal compared to other ultrasounds I’ve seen but I trust that the nurse obviously knows what she’s talking about.... I’m heartbroken but trying to hold on to faith🤞🏻🙏🏼 it’s all in God’s hands!❤️

Just wondering if anyone else has any stories like this or heard of this happening, thank you all in advance💕

Here’s my ultrasound pictures