Joseph 24.04.15 born at 37w+3

Sophie • Joseph - 24.O4.15💙
My waters broke late Thursday evening around 11 pm.. And I had contractions from 1am every 40 minutes or so.. I went to the hospital Friday morning with bleeding and contractions every 10 minutes to be told that I was only 1cm dilated and if labour hasn't progressed by 11pm that night I would have to come back and be induced as my waters would have be gone for 24 hrs.
I went home where I was then having contractions every 6/7 minutes until about 6.30pm when they went to every minute or 2. I said to my mother in law it's time I need to go to the hospital so she rang for a cab. But it was too late I needed to push. She called an ambulance instead and I was advised to get on the bed.. The paramedics came and said I should get comfy but I was adamant I was going to hospital, so I made my way to the Ambulance where I had gas and air.
We arrived to hospital at 7.30pm
The midwife examined me and was shocked to find baby's head right there.. I gave a good few pushes still on gas and air. And at 7.52pm I gave birth to my son Joseph💙