I wanted to share with someone...

So, about a week ago (little more), my ex broke up with me. We had been together three months, and we lived together (I was homeless the beginning of the relationship. He took me in, so I wouldn't leave state.) Anyways, we had been fighting off and on for two out of three of the months. Due to stressful times between the both of us.

Instead of discussing making it work. He decided to just end it. And sure enough, I was devastated. I really believed I did love him. (Early? I know.) And he said he loved me as well. (Clarified he "thought so" but he guessed not bc hes still in love with his ex) He ended it, and the day of and the day after I cried on and off, I barely made it through work without being upset and I just felt absolutely horrible. He wasn't listening to me and he just basically blew me off.

The day after we broke up he started going out a lot. And we never went out while we were together. And he finally confessed he had been going to see his ex from before me. That was a killer for me. At first I was upset. Then I realized... I deserve better and i could do better.

He is 29 years old and working at Sonic Drive-In. Making 7.50 an hour. And I looked past that. He is living in a duplex his parents own helping his little brother (Who brings in close to 3 grand a month, working at a state prison) pay utilities. And can barely do it.

I am 19, I work at a call center making 10.50 an hour. Promotions are easy to get at my job as long as I Definitley try.

He is giving me a month to find a place to stay. I am currently looking at an apartment to get with my friend as roommates, and I am working my butt off at my job. I am going to do

better. I deserve better. I deserve better for myself first though. So, I'm working on me. Just me. I'm no longer heartbroken. I'm focusing on what I need to do to improve my life, my job, and my happiness. And I am feeling extremely proud of myself.

Sometimes things have to fall apart so better things can fall together!


He is back with his ex already. Seeing her, sleeping with her and saying the I love you's again.

He isn't working on himself. But, I am working on me. And while I'm progressing he's just holding himself in one spot making 25 cents more than minimum wage.

I come first.

My happiness.

My goals.

My future.

There will be change and I can guarantee it.