I didn’t know relationships could be like this...


I spent so much time and energy loving a guy who told me to my face that my only purpose or value as a person was giving him bjs. He told me that I was worthless, and he knew he treated me like shit but he said that was better than anyone else would ever treat me. He slapped me when I told him he couldn’t bring drunk girls back to our apartment. He grabbed me by my hair and dragged me across the floor even when I cried and told him he was hurting me. I woke up mornings at his place not remembering things and finding bruises all over my inner thighs. He turned lights on and off and moved things in the house just to convince me I was crazy. And he thought it was funny. He thought me crying every day cos I was so scared was funny.

And now I’ve got a guy who treats me well and takes care of me and prioritizes me above everything else. And he’s actually happy and loves doing it. He freely admits when he’s wrong and loves hearing my opinions. He is open about our relationship with everyone, and in a few weeks has put us on his snap story more than my ex put other girls on his story (which is saying a lot.) He goes out of his way to give me a ride to work just so I don’t have to walk. He’s a bodybuilder, but skips the gym to take me out for lunch. He respects me, values me.

How did I think that the way I was treated by my ex was normal or in anyway acceptable? I told myself that relationships take work, and they’re hard. And they are. But they’re not that hard. A relationship should not be so hard that you’re diagnosed with PTSD.

I just really wanted to share how happy I am that I’m out and safe and learning what love actually looks like.