Baby mouth/tongue on ultrasound. Question!

Taylor • Married. Brooks born 8/2015. Baby Eleanora Quinn due May 2018. 💞
So, I'm probably going to sound insane to you ladies but I have a question. I noticed at an ultrasound from 26 weeks (bottom picture) that it almost looks like baby has 3 lips-which I know isn't likely if even possible. I then noticed that in his 18.5 week scan (top picture), same thing. 
Is this his tongue and I'm just over analyzing everything? I'm going to ask my doctor today, and I know things can look goofy on ultrasounds to begin with. Maybe I'm just nuts, but please don't be rude! Just an honest question :) I figured if anyone noticed anything 'wrong' that a tech or dr would've said something by now!