17 day diet

Tiffany • Mother of a handsome , bright 3 year son. And married to my best friend my high school sweetheart Ttc #2.

I have finally had to some fire under my ass. On the ttc journey . I have tried just cutting back and cutting carbs out since I have pcos . But I need to go back to the basics that worked with my first . I guess being diagnosed had put me in depression and denial . But it's time to stop playing . I'm doing the 17 day diet. Last time I did it I lost 20 lb in 14 days yes it sounds dangerous bit it's not . It's a balance cleansing diet. I quite beacuse I had concive while trying to complete the diet and didn't know it all I knew was I was hungry . Lol but I'm excited. So very excited . Wish me luck ladies . Baby dust to you all.

I'll leave a link in the comments if anyone would like to know what it is .