Sex and my husband

So I'm the sexual one in our relationship... I'll ask if he wants to have sex and he'll make an excuse to do it later. I've tried talking to him about it but he dosnt like talking about it. He says I'm too sexual??? He does have to take medicine for Ed it's not bad it usually works but I think he's so worried about it not that he freaks himself out... When we do have sex it's like 2 min. And he dosnt even ask or try to please me?? I'm so frustrated with him and this topic for us! This has litterially been a problem for a year. If u even try to bring it up he gets so angry that it's immposible to talk to him, and we both end up angry and fighting. I don't think I'm any more sexual than any other woman I just have needs too! Any advice in what to do here he's making me feel do unattractive and when I tell him this he says I'm being dramatic?? Help!!