People bitch to much

Damian • My girlfriend had me down load this app

All these people now a days complain to damn much about race nationality sexual preferences gender how about we do this let’s all say FUCK IT and just be humans if u like same sex that’s awesome if your black ok who cares but same your white or Mexican or any race who cares we’re people if your pan sexual trans sexual or anything just be you and don’t riot and protest and fight and yell about and brake things over the color of someone skin and antifa people that are really hard core into it don’t solve shit they make problems but same with people on far right they make issues of there own it is on both sides of the line and make problems of our own people complains oh let the government fix it asking for a damn hand out all the time why not us all get off our asses and make our own future and our ideas about life and what is right and wrong and follow laws but not hurt and step on people in our day to

day life’s

Thoughts ?