Quick pregnancy rant

RayRay • 29. Single Mom of 2.
I am 36 weeks and 5 days my a due date is May 28th. Recently my back has been hurting soo bad! No position is comfortable and I know I have a few more weeks left but I'm soo ready to have my baby girl. This is my first child and of course no one tells you about how everything starts changing toward the end. My feet and ankles are super swollen, my back has been killing me, and I can't go a night without waking up like 6 times to pee. My pregnancy has been really smooth up until all this started around 31 weeks and then the swelling started. I'm a server at a restaurant so that makes my life a little difficult but I have been pushing through. Okk I'm done ranting I just wanted to let that out to some people that would understand my frustrations. I'm super excited to become a mommy and I thank the man upstairs for blessing me so much with this opportunity.  This is one of the proofs from my 35 week maternity photos.