Castor oil fail!

So upset! I'm scheduled to be induced Friday but was told castor oil is better than pitocon being the pitocon can distress the baby

Well I took 1 tablespoon last night & nothing. I had slight period cramps for maybe two minutes then slightly pooped once hours later but it wasn't even diarrhea and wasn't a lot.

I decided to take 2 tablespoons today at 2pm and still nothing!!! I had to poop maybe an hour later but that's it. It's now 9:30 and I have no signs of labor. I was already 1cm and 50% effaced before taking it.

I walked and had sex to help but nothing is working. I'm so disappointed being I am scared to be induced with the piticon. I've heard people say they had to take it more than once but I don't want to keep trying it so now I'm just out of luck. Just needed to get this off my chest