What he said 😭


So me n my bf was driven down tha road n out of no where he said tha night before he woke up that mornin n was just starin at me n he teared up n was thinkin to him self that he didnt want to lose me n thinkin bout how much he loves me n that he loves to watch me sleep 😩😍ohh my god when he said that i got butterflies n my stomach n i couldnt stop smilen for shiit lol😍😍❤️ n now im over here watchin a movie lookin at him while hes sleepin 😍 he makes me feel so loved n just a few weeks ago we're goin over a bridge goin across a big lake n i look out tha window n say thats a pretty ass view n he goes your a pretty ass view 😭😍❤️😁 ughh i swear i cant get enough of that boy💙👫🔐