Neighbors STUPID dog.

i'm not sure if this is the right place to post this. But imma do it anyways 💁 because im angry. So a neighbor who lives around 5 houses down has this Husky. He always is jumping her fence and getting out of her yard and she ONLY puts him outside when she's not at home..dumb ass.

Animal control has picked him up a total of 6 times this month. That isn't counting the times shes came home before they could get him or someone called. He constantly backs people who are walking up, and nips their feet. Basically can't even leave your house when he's out, which is every other day. We live by a school, this morning this dog was out and attacked one child walking to school. Another neighbor pulled up, beat the dog with a golf club and got the child into the car. 4 or 5 witnesses immediately called AC and reporred the attack, including the mother of the child. Heres the kicker. The animal control officer pulled up, said "oh i know these people" and just let the dog back into their back yard. The owner never has to even pay a reclaim fee like she should, on her bad ass dog.

Well, hes out again..and kids will be getting off of the bus soon. im sitting here with a BB gun ready to pop one in this dogs ass if he goes after these one of these kids. sorry guys. just needed to rant.