Birth plan- Get the epidural!


Hard to believe my baby boy is a little over 3 weeks old already. I loved reading birth stories so figured it’s time to share mine. This was my 3rd baby and from the time I saw those two pink lines I had MAJOR anxiety about giving birth again. My second birth experience was all natural and very painful. I almost didn’t make it to the hospital in time (after being sent away earlier that day) and couldn’t push until the Doctor arrived. Once he came in and allowed me to push he reached his hand up me and turned my son around because he was sunny side up. Ended up vacuum extracting my son & gave me an episiotomy. So I was TERRIFIED to feel that pain again. Toward the end of my pregnancy my blood pressure slowing started getting high. At my 39 week check up my doctor said it was time to induce me due to my blood pressure & past experience of giving birth quickly. October 12th at 5pm I arrived at labor and delivery. Nervous at all hell but ready to meet my third baby boy! When I arrived I was dilated to 3. I got set up in my room. Had my essential oil diffuser on & soft music playing. Pitocin was started & intense contractions began. So time for epidural! Immediately felt at ease once my contractions disappeared! I had confidence I could push this baby out without losing my shit this time! My Doctor arrived at 10pm and I was still dilated to 3! He broke my water and said he would come back and check me when I felt the urge to push. Well it wasn’t long after I felt lots of pressure in my rectum. I went from 3 to 10 in under an hour. My nurse checked me and said it’s time to meet your baby! 15 minutes of pushing and two tears my beautiful baby boy came into this world. 6lbs 12 ounces of perfection💙 I couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful, calming birth. It was my dream birth!