Labor wasn’t a bad as I thought... (long story)

Desiree • Instagram: desireekaylea Snapchat: dktaylor19

Since my little one will be 2 months in a few days.. why not write my birth story. I went in for my 40 weeks on 9/6/17 (my due date was 9/7/17) I was only dilated at a 1cm with no effaced. My doctor wanted me to go to 41 weeks as long as the baby was fine with being in there. So he scheduled for me to have a NST and a ultrasound on 9/8/17.

Friday 9/8 comes and I check in at 8:30am for my appointment, the nurse hooks me up to the monitor and after 30 mins of checking on baby’s heart rate she informed me that my daughters rate keeping dipping low so she called my OBGYN ( his office is literally downstairs) and he said I need to go to L&D.; Before they told me to go to the hospital ( right across the street) the nurse just wanted to check my fluid so we did a ultrasound and my fluid level was at a 5.

At 10:30am I was at L&D; and they did a extensive ultrasound on my daughter just make sure she was fine- they check her movements and counts. They also check the fluid levels once more and at that time it was at a 2!! My doctor came in at 1pm to let me know that I was being admitted and being induced. So I call my fiancé at work to tell him to leave right now and go to the house to get our things packed ( he was working a hour away).

At 3 pm they gave me Cervidil to soften my cervix and I was still dilated at a 1cm. Four hours later they came to check the progress and I still didn’t progress so the nurse gave me another pill.

11pm rolls around and the doctor rushes in saying that she needs to break my water cause my baby’s rate keeps dropping and rising. She checked me and I was at 3cm and 70%(yay). At 1:30am I called in the nurse cause I was having really strong contractions and when she checked me I was at 5cm and 100% effaced- I asked for the epidural ( 10mins later the anesthesiologist came in) he was amazing. I tried to get some sleep since our nurse said she doesn’t expect for the baby to come until 7am or later.

Well at 3:30am I felt some pressure down there and I instantly closed my legs ( I know dumb right??) well after ten mins of me doing that, our nurse came in and ask if I felt anything and of course I told her what I felt. She checked me and she immediately said it’s cause your baby’s head is right here!! You are at 10cm plus 2! I freaked out and woke up my fiancé saying the baby is coming. I call my mother in law (who lives 15 mins away- and also called my parents who lives 2 hours away, lucky my parents were only 20 mins away!) I start pushing a few times before the doctor got there. The doctor and my parents, and mother in law all arrived at the same time lol. I pushed for 15 mins and the doctor had a concerned look on her face, well I finally pushed my daughters head out and the cord was wrapped around my daughter neck very tight the doctor couldn’t get her finger in between the cord and her neck. Luckily the doctor didn’t let me know what was going on and she turned my baby the opposite way and she started to cry and look around at me and my fiancé. The doctor said that my cord was really short and that’s why it happened.

At 3:56am on 9/9/17 our gorgeous daughter was born Myla Michelle 💕

2 months later she’s our very happy and alert little girl 😍😍