Would you move in with your parents for husband to further his education?

Right now my husband and I are living in a small community - the oil industry is doing pretty bad and it's affecting his job and a lot of the jobs around us. A few months ago his company had a mass layoff, he was one of the lucky ones who kept his job but his pay got cut - we are fairly certain that after they finish this boat (he's a ship fitter) that they are going to lay off the remaining emolployess and close down the yard. There are really hardly any jobs around here for him to apply to and he has told me he doesn't want to work in a ship yard for the rest of his life and I don't blame him even if the pay is decent. I brought up him going to college a few weeks ago and I know it's been something he's been thinking about, the other day he told me that he does want to go back to school to better our future & so that he can get a good job...this isn't a decision he took lightly because we have made ourselves a life in this little town with our friends & jobs - he's lived here his whole life and I've been living here for 5 years. My dad and step-mom are buying a bigger house (1 1/2 hrs from where we live) and I brought up the idea to them and they think it's a wonderful idea and would love to have us live there and there is going to be plent enough room. They don't want us to pay any bills but I told them we are not living there for free. I told my husband I don't want him to work - I want his mind focused on school (he might end up finding a job for a few days out of the week). I will have to get another job and pray that I can find one with benefits. I'm really concerned about health ins. but of worst comes to worst we will just buy our own plans. Our cat can even stay too! I just feel like this is a deal too good to pass up and extremely helpful for our future - so if you were in my position, what would you do?! Uproot your life to pave a way for your future or stay planted & pray for the best? I'm very nervous & scared! 

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