Negative Blood Test? Still have that depend own feeling of pregnancy?


It's been about two weeks since I had this light brown period "on time" (not late) I had a blood test yesterday and they said it was negative.

I don't know.... I'm bloated and I have never felt like this continously for this long. My stomach can't suck in! Breasts have been tender ever since (very unusual) and I've had a few people question at work if I'm expecting just by instinct.

I legit feel pregnant. Nausea hits soft in the AM but makes its presence known in the afternoon. Sometimes headache and I'm usually not this tired...

I had a traumatic c-section with my first child and experienced NO symptoms but a misses period.

Anyone have a blood test just shy of 2 weeks after a weird "period " but go on to be pregnant?????? Can that test be wrong????