Sex after break up

I need some real help here! :( I've been broke up with my ex for about two and a half weeks now we were together for about a year and a half and we broke up just suddenly. He still tags me in stuff on Facebook like every few days and texts me occasionally. We hung out a week after we broke up and there was a spark and he looked like he missed me so much and I missed him to and then I gave into him. And once I did it was so nice and it felt so rewarding. But he still didn't want to get back together. Which is fine because I don't either. I've realized that we had an addictive kind of relationship and I wasn't happy while I was in it. But now every once in a few days we wil plan to hang out and it is nice and there's no fighting and it really challenges me not to tell him what to do or care what he does. And he tells me he isn't doing anything with anyone else and I believe him but even if he was lying but being careful not to get any STDs I wouldn't mind much. I already know he is not right for me and I don't want a relationship with him but I'm 17 and I still have my shot together with school and college but this is hard and I want to be strong. When we were together we saw each other like everyday. And we have mutual friends that talk about him when I'm there or he is already at the place I'm going. It's hard to get away from him in this small town but I'm not sure I want to. 

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