Guy Who's Too busy

I'm 25 and dating a 29 yr old guy who had a great career, a house, education, but he rarely texts me good morning, or how are you or anything at all. I usually have to initiate. Lately he will text me at 9 pm when he's out of work saying "I'm tired. Ugh exhausted." He never makes conversation past that or asks me anything about myself. I usually text him at work and he doesn't reply. Just Talked to him on the phone bc I told him I didn't feel he was interested in me. He tells me he is not the clingy type. He asked me to tell him how I would feel if he texted me at work, that wouldn't I feel disrupted? So now I guess he feels disrupted at work when I text him. And I only send him like 2 texts throughout the day that he never replies to. I've never dated anyone who never texted me once. Texting is the main way we communicate because he lives 20 miles away and travels constantly for work. Am I crazy?