Where my stay at home wife’s 🤗

I’m a stay at home wife. For two years I did nothing. Just this June I started a small business and I keep putting myself down. Why? Well growing up my family would always put me down. They never helped me and now that I’m married and talk about how amazing my in laws are with me, my family ask me if I need help. Anyways I started my small business and my husband and his family support me so much that they buy me things when I don’t even need anything lol. But the one person I wish would be here to see me do something is my mother in law. She passed away a year ago and she would always love what I would do. She would tell everyone she knew how of an amazing daughter in law she had and I know she would say that because after her passing, her friends would tell me if I was her amazing daughter in law😍 omg I’m getting off topic again, well I started my small business because of my mother in law💕

Anyways where my stay at home wife’s🤗🤗🤗 what do you do? Post a picture of anything that makes you happy🤗

I’ll post mine and it’s my small business