She’s HERE 💞 The first little lady in 50+years 💞


So this may be kinda long but i wanted to share my birth story with you all.

My original due date was 11/21. As my pregnancy progressed I want to say around 5/6 months i just popped out with a belly. I would get comments everytime i left the house like, “are you have twins”, or “when is your due date”? Doc didn’t seem worried. My friends and I estimated days when we thought she was going be born.

Fast forward to 11/10 i went into my OB offfice for my regular 38 week appointment. I told her i thought i was having contractions but they were bearable. She wanted to measure them so they hooked me up to the machine. She also said oh we need to talk about your ultrasound results (she had me take an ultrasound bc closer to my due date she also started to feel that baby girl was big). As I sat in the room getting contractions checked (which i was indeed having coming about 5/6 minutes apart) she said i want to offer you an elective c section. I stared at her because a c section was the last thing that i wanted to do. She explained that baby girl was measuring about 10 pounds 10 ounces according to ultrasounds and listed the cons of trying to naturally have a big baby. I was terrified. The cons were nothing I wanted to think of bc i just wanted her to get here safe. I asked her to go and get the appointment c section date availability and bust out crying in the room. She came back and explained to me that my hospital of choice and the other two had anything until after my due date 😳. What does this mean? Well I️t means we will schedule after your due date but if you were to go into labor before then you would get that appointment automatically moved up. Okay cool i responded just give me a date. I got a date for 11/28. She then proceeds with my exam and checks my cervix and says Kelly you’re 4 cm dilated now and in active labor (prior week i was only 1/2cm) My face was 😳. She chuckled and said we should’ve done this first, lol. She called the hospital told them i was coming in for a c section and told me to go home and me and my husband were to go to the hospital. I called my husband and told him meet at the house and that i was in active labor. If you all knew my husband he had a thousand questions lol even though he was on the phone the whole doctor visit until she checked my cervix.

Got to the hospital about 3ish I think. I had to get registered because of course the lady couldn’t find I️t in the system. By this time my contractions are getting stronger. I go to triage and they basically check me and do the same shit to me my doctor just did. I know they had to but I was irritated at this point. The OB that would be delivering the baby came in and introduced herself to me and my husband and explained the c section process. I was full of emotion and cried and cried. I never had a surgery done before. She was so sweet and comforting. I went to a labor and delivery room bc I needed an epidural to ease the pain. They gave me one and soon enough I️t was time to go to the operating room where I also received a spinal block.

I️t was TIME!!! They pulled the curtain up and after about what seemed to be 15 minutes or so and I heard my baby girl cry!!! She arrived on 11/10 at 6:51pm weighing 9 pounds 8 ounces and 20.5 inches long. I started crying too. I didn’t see her right away but I knew she was there 💞 They cleaned her right up and brought her to me. I cried i just wanted to hold her close. They finished the procedure and I was taken to recovery for three hours and then my postpartum room.

This day was filled with so many emotions but I was so thankful that God guided my mind and heart during this time. I’m so happy to be the mother of this blessing 💞

And did I forget to mention I was the only one who got the estimate for when she was going to make her arrival!!!! 11/10 is never be the same, I love you Munk Munk!!!!