My November baby came early 😍


Layla Rae Morell decided to come into this world 11 days early on November 15th at 4:08 am! It was the craziest delivery ever, laboring only 4 hours and the doctor almost missing the delivery! I happened to wake up around midnight with bad back pain, which turned into back labor. I didn’t even know that was possible but I started getting back contractions for about an hour and around 1:30 we went to the hospital. I was trying to check in for about 30 minutes and the back pain kept getting worse! As soon as I got into triage they checked me and I was 5cm dilated! I asked for an epidural right away and they said sure... just gotta get your IV in and call the anesthesiologist. About 30 minutes went by and I thought I was DYING! my back was so bad and contractions had moved to the front and I was having them every single minute with no breaks! They asked me to see if they could help me walk to the labor and delivery room and I said NO!!! I wasn’t kidding... they ended up checking my cervix again in triage and I was dilated to 10CM 😱😱😱 they were shocked! They called the doctor and rushed me to the delivery room , NO MEDS ALLOWED ANYMORE SHE WAS COMING OUT! The doctor got there ASAP and I pushed about 10 times and she came right out. It was so painful so terrible... I wanted drugs lol but I had an all natural birth and I’m so proud of myself and my perfect little baby girl made it all worth it! I love her so much, she weighed only 6lbs 8oz and is 20inches. She is the love of my life and me and her daddy can’t be any happier 😊😍 4 hours from sleeping to waking up and delivering and I have my baby girl! I love you Layla!