Naturopath for “birth control”


Hey ladies, I just has something recommended to me and have been doing research & want your take.

I’ve tried the Pill for birth control, but mostly just hormone/period regulation. -no go. My body does NOT respond well to synthetic hormones.

This goes for the IUD and implant too... I know all about the copper, non-hormonal IUD, but honestly, that seriously freaks me out. Plus I haven’t heard many good things about it.

I am a moderate Oiler! I use essential oils to help with everyday needs. I just got a hold of the Progessence Plus- I love it!!! It helps with regulation and everything, only issue is, it’s working against me in the field of birth control! That stuff is what helps people get pregnant!

All that being said- Someone recently suggested going to a naturopath to try and find something more natural to help with my bodies issues. Will they also help with birth control? Is that even a thing?