Controlling Parents

my parents are probably the most controlling i’ve ever met. here’s a little bit of background, my dad is a state trooper and my mom has the same mindset as he does. they have a tracker on my brother and my phones and are constantly checking where i am. my brother and i are good kids. we didn’t party in high school

and we don’t party now and don’t plan on it. we don’t smoke weed or do anything else illegal. i recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years because things weren’t working out. soon after that i got involved in a little bit of drama with one of my girl friends and from the beginning of the semester, i got very close with one of my friends who happens to be on the football team and is black. not that that matters in the slightest but in my parents generation it is still frowned upon to have an interracial relationship. anyways, my parents know that i am friends with this guy and he likes me despite all of the drama that went down. like i said, my parents have a tracker on my phone and are constantly checking where i am and i don’t know how to get around that. i just want them to give me some freedom and let me be. they tell me about how their parents were controlling in college and they are literally acting the same way. HELP PLEASE