Are these really friends?

So a few weeks ago my friend suggested going to comicon with her and two other friends and i agreed because as they know I love everything to do with Comicon and have been before. My primary school friend was also coming and we live close so we went there together. When we eventually found our friends we walked around for 5 minutes then whilst me and my primary school friend were looking at stuff I noticed that wandered off. They didn't stop to turn around or text me. I called them about 2 hours later and asked if they wanted to meet in the cafe. They said they would try but they couldn't find it. For the entire rest of the con we never saw them or were texted by them. I'm really angry tbf. the only reason I went in the first place is because they were going and I thought it might be fun. I still had some fun with my friend but I'm really pissed ngl. what if my other friend didn't come? What then, would they still have left me? the I've been thinking for a while that they aren't really treating me nicely and this confirmed that thought. Do you think I should cut them off? not in a rude way I mean, just talk to them less. I feel like they aren't worth it.