Complications... and first surgery


It’s been more than two months now. My birth story isn’t the most exciting story, which I’ve been reluctant to post...

I had a C-section planned due to placenta previa. If you don’t know what it is, it’s when the placenta lies on top of the cervix. My placenta was under 2cm away from my cervix, if I try to give birth naturally it could cause excess bleeding. So my doctor opted for a C-section. There were more complications that was factored in to the decision, like my gestational diabetes and I was diagnosed three days before my C-section for high blood pressure. She was originally set for September 22 for 3PM, but with the high blood pressure my doctor didn’t want me on more medication.

The morning at 6AM we parked at the front of the hospital with our hospital bag. Signed in, monitored and prodded. An hour just before my surgery, my mom and aunt came. I was freaking out, since it was my first ever surgery. I’ve never had a stitch in my life and now a full surgery.

My OB came to wheeled me in the operating room. She held me as they prepped my back for the spinal. She helped me control my breathing and distracted me from all my worries about surgery. They asked me about the anesthesia if it was working and started. My husband came and held my hand. My surgery started at 9:30AM. They opened me up and pushed and pulled. It felt like someone was sitting on top of my the whole time I was on the table. She made the most adorable noise when she was out. It was a squeal and I cried. My husband followed the noise on to the prep table with my midwives and came back with her. She was so perfect.

My daughter was born on September 13 at 9:56AM via C-section with the help of a vacuum. Weight was 6 lbs and 15 oz. Height was 49.5 cm. Head circumference 33.5 cm. She had no birth marks and was perfect.

Our first family photo.

First Family Photo

Her first day at home

First Month Photo

Two Month Photo