What could this be?


Lately for the past few weeks I've noticed that my son coughs when he eats. He never used to cough while eating and now all of a sudden at 13 months he's coughing like he's having trouble swallowing his food or something. He will also cough for a bit after eating. A couple times he has thrown up while eating as well. I am out of town right now and wont be back until Dec 5 but I will definitely be making an appointment to the pediatrician first thing that day. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I was thinking maybe acid reflux but my mind starts thinking the absolute worst and it's stressing me out lol. He woke up this morning an I am used to him being super active and getting into stuff and "talking" non stop but this morning he really wasnt as active and he just sorta laid around a bit. I let him nurse and he fell back asleep. He could have just still been sleepy but idk my mind is taking me to places I don't want to go 😟