Symptom crazy women

GoWithTheFlow • WAHM just trying to get through the day like everyone else! Stop and smell the roses or you will miss out on everything life has to offer.

My hubby and I️ have not been trying to get pregnant. In fact one month ago I️ would have said hell no! We have two toddlers and it just seemed like too much. After an oops... we have been talking and decided if it happened we would actually both be so happy. That’s when it began....

Nausea, acne, constipation, headaches, cramps. I️ started to complain and then I️ couldn’t stop laughing.

I️ instantly became that person I️ laugh at who thinks every normal body/ not so normal body function was a sign of pregnancy.

So give some love to all the questions people have! We all know how it feels! Glimmer of hope or just flat out scared to hell. We ALL think of pregnancy if we sneeze a little too hard 😂😂😂😂