Cycle Confusion?

Hmm. So last month (December) was 43 days lol. The longest I've ever had. But like November was 30 ish and October was 30 ish. 
I had the lightest spotting Friday, which was so light it didn't even hit my panties. After that few hours of light spotting it went away completely. My cycle
Isn't normally as late as it was last month. And right now if I was on a normal cycle like I was the month before last id be late. And I'm
On day 35 right now. Lol.
So idk. It's weird. And my nipples feel like sandpaper against my shirt. I don't wanna take a pg test because I'm so used to seeing negatives. So idk. I have been taking ovulation tests since Thursday and haven't gotten a positive yet. I'm
Wondering if I may had ovulated like two weeks ago, (like I would on a normal period) and I just didn't know because I hadn't been taking the ovulation tests.