3 Months


so my little babygirl has been a handful when we go out for gatherings... My daughter's birthday was nov 7th and we had to leave dinner early cause her little sister just wouldn't stop crying.. I went outside with her to calm her down and it worked for a little but once back in 5 mins later she started up again.. I thought maybe she just was having a bad day.. when we got home she was the happy baby I know.. Thanksgiving was yesterday and we went to my moms house and she was the same way again.. She took a little nap and when she woke up she wasn't having it.. I went to a quiet room where I breast fed her and even feeding her was tough.. Got in the car and she cried the whole ride back home.. I pulled over and tried to calm her but she just wasn't having it. Got home changed her clothes and she was happy again.. I'm starting to think she's just a home body and doesn't want to be out. I'm not always home.. I take her for walks . we go to church and she's fine.. I don't know what's up with my little trinity.. Anyone else experience this?