WHY LADIES?! Someone tell me why!

moselle. 🌀 • Isaiah 41:13

Can someone PLEASE tell me why when you find out that your man is cheating with someone else or that their man is cheating on them with you and you decide to be nice and let the other woman know, she then gets upset with you?!

I found out that my ex had cheated on me with another woman and was still seeing her, so I kindly messaged her to tell her that he was cheating on her with me and vice versa and she tried to curse me out! I provided evidence that we were together... She even denied it and said that I was lying! Like I wanted him back or something! Honey you can have him! I’m just trying to help YOU.

This has happened twice in the past in other relationships as well... so I’m just trying to figure out why women choose to be upset with the other woman like it’s their fault.. especially if she knew nothing about there being another woman...

...I mean... I would be happy if another woman came to me woman to woman and told me that she found out a guy was playing both of us. Especially if they have evidence! Come on! What happened to girl code??