20 week anatomy scan


So I wasn’t going to post this but realized someone could be going through the same thing as me or could offer me some advice.

On Monday, 11/20, we went into our 20 week anatomy ultrasound excited to see our little boy. He was perfect according to the screen- all body parts measuring to exactly 20 weeks or so. Moving all over the place. Putting on a show. It quickly changed after an hour when the doctor came in and took over. I turned to my husband and whispered something is wrong. He assured me it was fine. But I just knew. After another 20 minutes we were taken jnto her office and explain to that something with his blood flow wasnt right and they couldnt see certain things they were looking for on his brain. I felt like I was punched in the stomach. They quickly made us appointments for the next morning.

Tuesday we started off at a fetal echo cardiologist and were faced with the same situation. After 30 minutes a doctor entered and took over. We were then taken to her office and explained to that he had 2 heart issues and possibly a 3rd. His major vessels are entering one side instead of criss crossing and he may possibly have a hole in part of his heart. All could be fixed with surgery after birth. At this point I feel like I have taken a bullet. Im a walking disaster. At 2pm I am now off to Cohen’s Children’s hospital for an MRI. Wednesday bullet number 2 comes- our baby has a Blake’s Pouch Cyst on his brain. Also, can be removed and fixed at birth.

However, the doctor’s main concern is that two rare things are happening so possibly something is wrong genetically. So today, I went go see a genetics counselor & have the amniocentesis. Now the wait- 6 to 10 days.

The doctors want me to go for another fetal MRI in 2 weeks. We have another appointment Monday with the fetal echo cardiologist at Cohen’s Children’s Hospital and seeing a pediatric neurologist on Tuesday.

Anyone who has anything to say or knows someone who has been through either of these situations, I would appreciate anything you have to share with me. Its been a long, hard week.