Seriously?! Get off my back


My hubby and I are actively trying to have another baby. Which we haven't told anyone about.

I knew his grandma would be pushy about it but these were the comments I got thanks to Thanksgiving family fun time:

-I went to hug her at dinner last night and instead of hugging me, she rubbed my tummy and asked if there was anything in there yet

-Tonight I was told by said grandma that my daughter needed a little boy to play with (to which I replied "or a girl" with a snarl)

-Then she informed me that it's better if the kids are closer in age (in which she meant I better get pregnant soon)

Like, get off my back! I'm already putting enough pressure on myself right now. And after this weekend, I'm tempted not to have another one for ten years. And now I'm gunning for another girl hardcore.